The Asian Villa Guide
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In the beginning was the word, and the word was Hotel. Then it changed to Five-star Hotel. Then Boutique Hotel. And then, with a leap that can be described as both quantum and thoroughly commonsensical, it metamorphosed to Villa. Holidaying in private villas – independents, rather than something tacked onto the fringes of a hotel – is already vastly popular in Europe. And now it’s starting to catch on in Asia. For the first time ever, the Asian Villa Guide brings the best of what’s on offer under one roof, so to speak. Flip through the pages here, and you’re transported from heritage properties in Sri Lanka to billionaire’s pads in Phuket; spa retreats beckon in Bali, and beach hang-outs in Lombok. To embrace that well-worn cliché – there is something for just about everyone here. And we have inspected them all!

The best of Asia's luxury holiday accommodation under one roof
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