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Literally fit for a king or queen. These luxurious villas represent the pinnacle of private holiday rental properties in our view – the ultimate place to stay; a retreat for the rich and famous. These properties are unique: spectacular locations, panoramic vistas, outstanding architecture and the highest-quality interiors are typical of the Royal Collection villa experience. All of these stunning villas are fully serviced and to an extremely high standard. Expect, as a minimum, an experienced chef, full maid and butler service and a dedicated villa manager, but invariably you will get much more. Most also have excellent security. To make our Royal Collection, a villa has to stand out; be consistently one of the best – professionally managed and to a standard that even a royal might enjoy.


The Villa Guide’s Premium Collection villas are outstanding. Our inspections have found these properties to be of a standard high enough to meet the requirements of even the most discerning guest. Many have dedicated in-house staff to cater to your every need (some charge extra for this). Staff generally include a villa manager, maid and chef. Premium Collection villas have been carefully selected for their top quality design, decoration and location, complemented by superior amenities, service and facilities resulting in optimum privacy and luxury in a wonderful setting.


Although not perhaps offering the decadence and luxury of our iconic Royal and Premium Collections, each Mid-Range Collection villa still represents an excellent choice in our view. Providing good standards of finish; pleasant locations; impressive facilities and reliable management, these properties make for a great and memorable vacation.


Looking for a good value holiday home but still with character and independence? Then our Value Collection may include just the place for you. The term ‘villa’ maybe a little grandiose to describe some of these properties, but following our inspection we feel they do offer a special private holiday home experience. Finishes may not be perfect; locations perhaps not the best; amenities not necessarily top notch and facilities less extensive, but these properties offer a good, all-round value option for those looking to spend a little less but still enjoy the benefits of staying in a villa.